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Mr. Manning Locker
6/2/15 3:02 PM

Mr. Manning

Contact Information

  • NMUSD Secondary History/SS TOSA
  • 10th AP World History
  • CDM Room 202

AP World History


Open the folder on the left to find materials for AP World. Read "AP World Basic Information" because it has everything you need to know before class starts. Complete the summer work before the first test.


You may purchase your own copy of the textbook, Ways of the World: A Global History with Sources, 3E, by Robert W. Strayer and Eric W. Nelson; ISBN 978-1-319-02272-3

You may also check a book out from our school library.


You may purchase from the publisher:


You may purchase from Barnes and Noble:


You may purchase from Amazon:


Homer Summer Squail
Class Schedule
1 AP World History
2 AP World History
3 AP World History
4 AP World History
5 AP World History
6 AP World History