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Vicky Schwarz, V


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EMAIL -, or through School Loop

In-person - room 504 CDM


LATE START: 8:15-9:00 

NON-LATE START: 7:15 - 7:50 

after school by appointment only.


Period 1 8th grade Art1
Period 2  
Period 3 8th grade Art1
Period 4 8th grade Art1
Period 5  
Period 6 8th grade Art1
Period 7 7th grade Art1
Period 8 8th grade Art1



Projects are graded in a Group Critique to promote collaborative learning.  Students have 1 week outside of class, after the critique, to improve their project based on the evaluation at the Group Critique.  Then they must resubmit their project to the teacher to possibly have their grade raised.


Active participation is earned every day for engaging in daily activities, and noted on School Loop (published on Fridays). Active participants are engaged with art throughout the entire class period, such as, following class and school rules, studio activities, clean­up procedures, etc. These are assessed daily, and loss of points noted on School Loop.


Tardy Policy – Participation Points will be deducted, 30 min tardy=absence, more than 3x’s no Extra Credit accepted and detention assigned.

Late projects are accepted after the due date, if absences are excused.  Work is allowed to be taken home but 80% must be completed in class. If a student has verified excused absences, they receive that many days extra, after the critique to complete the work outside of class. 


Students will develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving, communication, and management of time and resources that contributes to lifelong learning and career skills.

Display at Schools First, 7251 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach
Display at Schools First, 7251 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach
Schools First Display
Schools First Display




Unit 1: Line – contour, cross-contour, blind contour drawings

Unit 2: Shape & Space – organic, geometric; positive and negative.  Notan – cut paper

Unit 3: Value & Form – chiaroscuro, monochromatic pencil drawing

Unit 4: Color – color wheel, complimentary & analogous, Mandala

Unit 5: Painting - tints and shades, Value and Color painting for contest

Unit 6: Proportion – human face, and/or Perspective & texture – 1 point landscapes, or interior space.



Unit 1: Drawing faces practice- Proportion, shape, & value & torn paper collage.

Unit 2: Drawing from a still-life - charcoal pencil, toned paper


Unit 3: PTA Project– colored pencil

Unit 4: Day of dead famous faces - watercolor

Unit 5: Scratch Art - MC Escher

Unit 6: Monochromatic portraits - tempera paint

Unit 7: Printmaking unit - Graphic portraits

Unit 8: Lettering, self-portrait